"You can't learn performance... you have it or you don't have it. But what you can learn is to focus, and to train your body for the really difficult task."

—Marina Abramović

"Rest Energy" by Marina Abramović and Ulay, 1980

"It's so important to focus on the present. We always think about past (what happened), we think about future (which didn't happen), but the only reality we ever have is the present. This present fleets. Performance is how to put audience and performer in the moment here and now. And when you are in the moment here and now, time doesn't exist, there's no time. And then there is the profound experience of reality, of the luminosity of the human being."

—Marina Abramović

Clips from Pina, a film made up of dances by Pina Bausch, 2011

"Noise Body #8" by Paula Garcia, 2014

"The Artist is Present," by Marina Abramović, 2010

Long Durational Performance, 2014

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