Mors Tua Vita Mea

Mors Tua Vita Mea is a week-long workshop I co-founded and co-teach in rural Italy with Tyrant Books publisher and editor Giancarlo DiTrapano. The workshop is offered twice yearly, in April and October. Only six students are accepted in order to foster an intimate workshop environment, and so that everyone gets their own bedroom in Villa DiTrapano. After workshop each day, we go on local excursions to nearby villages, restaurants, and ancient ruins. Visit here to learn more.

Private Manuscript Consultations

Contact to learn more about rates and availability.


My next Catapult course is an 8-week workshop called “Writing Into the Unknown,” and will run from October 26 to December 21. Visit here to apply and learn more.


My online class, "Begin with the Body," is available at any time via Skillshare. In this class, I discuss the ways that a writer can use their own body as a writing tool, and the in-class readings look at how other writers accomplish this. The class also includes an assignment that you can do on your own, as well as video of me editing my own writing.

Student Testimonials

"Chelsea is an excellent and generous teacher. In my experience, writing teachers are often great writers or great teachers, seldom both. Chelsea is a true gem in that regard, and I feel so lucky to have taken class with her. In her suggestions for editing, she has completely changed the way I see each individual sentence, and the work it can or needs to do. Moreover, she has a way of talking about piece structure that makes the revising process seem manageable and straightforward (even if there is much rewriting to do!). Lastly, she is incredibly knowledgeable about writing opportunities and candid about her journey as a published writer, and she shares that wealth of knowledge and experience at every turn." —Audrey M. 

"Chelsea is one of the most generous workshop instructors I've ever worked with. I was looking for a something that would help break me out of a writing slump, and Chelsea's workshop did that and so much more. From the readings to the class discussions, Chelsea puts an incredible amount of thought and care into tailoring workshop to her students' specific needs and interests. She encourages risk and experimentation, and creates the perfect environment for breaking out of your comfort zone and growing as a writer. I was so impressed by the way she cultivates a real sense of community and collaboration within her workshop. As an instructor and editor, Chelsea has a great eye for showing you exactly what is and isn't working in your writing, and always delivers feedback with sensitivity and encouragement. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to take this workshop, and would recommend it to anyone looking to make their writing a priority. Since workshop ended, I've read and written more than I have in recent years, and I really believe Chelsea's workshop is responsible for that. Her enthusiasm for reading and writing is contagious, and in just six weeks, I felt I had learned an entire semester's worth of knowledge and gained so much insight into my own writing process. I truly cannot say enough good things about Chelsea as an instructor." —Allie W.

"Chelsea Hodson's nonfiction class at Catapult is the best writing class I have ever taken. It was intimate, challenging, and inspiring, and it felt like a real college seminar. It was clear that Chelsea put a lot of careful thought and preparation into each two-hour class, which often went over the allotted time with extra assignments and lessons (a wonderful thing!). Her feedback on each of our drafts was equally rigorous and generous, and her command of the classroom was both authoritative and encouraging. She cared about each student's individual voice and ambitions and ensured that we got the help we needed. Chelsea went above and beyond, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been under her tutelage!" —Lauren R.

"I have taken many writing classes and workshops, and Chelsea’s class is among my all-time favorites. Chelsea is a skilled, devoted, and generous teacher who holds space for writers of all levels to grow and flourish. We spent a lot of time deconstructing sentences, both in our manuscripts and other’s published work, learning word by word how art is made. As if that weren’t enough, she also provided practical advice and guidance on how to engage with the literary community, and thoughtful reading recommendations. I couldn’t recommend her class more highly. " —Laura H.