Pity the Animal

Emily Books cover.

Emily Books cover.

Original cover by Future Tense Books.

Original cover by Future Tense Books.

Originally published by Future Tense Books in May 2014, the print run has now sold out. Republished as an Amazon Kindle Single in July 2014 (no longer available), and republished as an Emily Books pick in December 2014.

Beach Camp

Published by Swill Children in July 2010. Sold out.



  • Night Redacted, an audio recording of 10 poems, Black Cake Records
  • "And Now, Armor," Vogue
  • "Lie for Good" & "Real Name," Hobart
  • "Every Year, At Least Once" printed as a broadside by Coconut Books
  • "Finding Out," foreword for 69 Nudes by Emma Kohlmann
  • "Hotel Congress" & "A Beautiful Test," Powder Keg Magazine
  • "Meanwhile Downstairs," Voicemail Poems
  • "Everything Goes Up," EOAGH: A Journal of the Arts


Inventory is a catalogue of everything I own. Beginning on January 1, 2013 and spanning 657 days, I posted a photo of myself with each object, as well as prose related to the object. The entire project is still viewable on my Tumblr

Inventory: Under Objects Under Oath was a long durational performance in which I read Inventory in its entirety at the Imagine Science Film Festival without any objects present (on October 19, 2014, the day the project was completed). In total, the text was 40,071 words and it took over seven hours to perform. Marina Abramovic Institute filmed, livestreamed, photographed, and archived the performance.