Originally published by Future Tense Books,

now available from Emily Books & as an Amazon Kindle Single.


Pity the Animal, a chapbook-length essay by Chelsea Hodson, explores the concept of human submission and commodification by way of window displays, wild animals, performance art, and sugar daddy dating websites. How much can a body endure? Almost everything.



"One of the best literary works I’ve encountered this year... immeasurably powerful... and hits harder than many works ten times its length."

—Tobias Carroll, Vol. 1 Brooklyn

"Pointed, scathing, and suspenseful. This critical yet intimate essay is not to be missed."

—Miriam W. Karraker, Bitch Magazine


"As the essay jumps from scene to scene, Hodson exercises a mastery of form and movement, tackling stories that are darkly funny and deeply personal."

—Kevin Nguyen, Grantland

"Hodson's writing is precise in its incision--surgical, almost. Her swift maneuvering throughout Pity the Animal is often so precisely galloping that it seems to transcend the limitations of any material form. It seems the pages could overflow from the sheer weight of the ideas that the writer pins to each paragraph. Hodson's words are at once tangible and metaphysical, all jumbled limbs interspersed with a cacophony of voices. 

--Alexandra Wuest, Fanzine 


Trailer for Pity the Animal. Music: "Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Boingo, performed by Chelsea Hodson.